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Episode 7: California with Barry Beitler

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

We live on instinct. Barry Beitler shares his creative a vision for owning property.

Barry Beitler acknowledges that that commercial real estate business is not for the faint of heart. He tells Derek about the quintessential qualities in becoming a successful broker - ambition and drive. Beitler Commercial Realty Services serves top clients from the entertainment and tech industries as well as public agencies throughout Southern California.

"There’s nothing more exciting than owning a piece of real estate."

Barry closely tracks trends in the office market, which has evolved into open concepts that promote collaboration, cool elements like outdoor atriums, spectacular architecture, car charging stations and more. He says it all started with the entertainment industry.

In this podcast episode, Barry advises brokers to get creative when it comes to investing in property. He shares first hand experiences with lender programs, refinancing, 1031 exchanges, sourcing partners, and more. Barry fully understands his market in Southern California, and has become masterful at connecting his client with the right property. He encourages ownership at his own shop, and his insights in turning brokers into landlords are truly valuable.

"If you’re not a risk taker, you shouldn’t own real estate."

About Barry Beitler

Barry Beitler a classic example of how vision and hard work can lead to success. He started in commercial real estate in1974 and founded Beitler Commercial Realty Services (BCRS) in 1979. From a one room startup to approximately 45 agents and offices located in Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, Orange and Marin Counties and the Inland Empire, Beitler Commercial Realty Services has evolved into one of the largest independently-owned commercial brokerage firms in Southern California. Barry has served as the exclusive leasing or selling agent as well as tenant representation for lease or purchase on hundreds of millions of square feet of office, mixed-use and industrial space.He and the firm currently represent many of the larger lease and sale transactions in the marketplace today. Past and present clientele that Barry has served as the exclusive broker or consultant include the Resolution Trust Corporation in the sale of the Columbia Savings, Brookside Savings and Pima Savings portfolios, Hughes Aircraft Company, Bank of America, Northwest Airlines, Warner Brothers, and Salick Health Care, Inc. From a landlord's perspective, Barry has represented the likes of The Koll Company, Kennedy Wilson, Inc., Nansay Corporation, USAA Realty, Heller Financial and Manufacturers Bank. An emphasis of Barry's business is in the representation of entertainment clients. Many of the major lease and sales transactions in Southern California on behalf of the entertainment industry have been transacted by Barry. Major transactions include the representation of Sidney Sheinberg and the Bubble Factory firn1, The David Geffen Companies, Rhino Entertainment, Irving Azoff/Giant Records, The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NA.RAS), ESPN, The Samuel Goldwyn Foundation, Walt Disney Company, Polygram Entertainment, Republic Pictures, Price Entertainment Company, Warner Brothers and well-known entertainment law firms Gang Tyre Ramer & Brown and Ziffren, Brittenham & Branca. Barry is presently engaged in the following professional affiliations and activities: AIR, BOMA, ICSC, Corenet, LACRA (Co-founder), ULI, Los Angeles Economic Development Council and the Professional Brokers Alliance. He was also the founder & 1994 President of GVA Worldwide. BCRS is the exclusive Southern California affiliate of TCN Worldwide, an international association of leading commercial real estate firms, with associates in more than 200 global markets. Barry serves on the Board of Directors of the organization, and is frequently a key-note speaker at the TCN Worldwide conferences, sharing his wealth of knowledge as a strong proponent of “ownership of real estate”.


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