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Commercial Real Estate Broker/Developer Derek Waltchack travels the country to interview successful brokers from each of the 50 states. His conversations are geared toward empowering listeners with the tools and methods to create a path to property ownership. 


Waltchack carefully selects top dealmakers from each state who began their careers as commercial brokers and have made a name for themselves as owners and landlords. Each episode begins with the story of their first deal and continues with successes and failures along the way. Listeners will explore how to make the transition to ownership, sourcing equity, finding deals, life lessons and so much more. 


The goal of this podcast is to assist brokers looking to add rental income to their portfolios and source deals that can define their careers. BrokerLord is not just for brokers – the ideas and advice will serve any industry or field. 


“I hope that this show will empower thousands of brokers to take their first steps towards ownership.  It’s been my experience that 95% of brokers will never own something that they themselves are the best experts on. I hope to change that. ”said Waltchack. 


BrokerLord Podcast is sponsored by Shannon Waltchack, a full-service commercial real estate firm located in Birmingham, AL. Derek Waltchack is a founding partner at Shannon Waltchack.  



Derek is a founding partner at Shannon Waltchack, a full-service commercial real estate firm in Birmingham, AL. As urban revitalization thrives in Birmingham, Derek’s leadership stands out as prominent force. He put his initial stamp on downtown Birmingham in 2010 with commercial development near the city’s new Railroad Park, spearheading a $4.5 million renovation that transformed a 100-year-old warehouse into a cutting-edge business center known as Railroad Square. In May of 2013, Shannon Waltchack launched yet another progressive move, Birmingham’s first crowd-sourced development. By popular vote, the development is now known as The Stockyard @ Railroad Park and includes commercial space using shipping containers, another first in Birmingham. A recent article in The New York Times lauded the progress in downtown Birmingham, featuring Derek as a key player.

Derek is a subject matter expert on Bitcoin, Blockchain and how those technologies are impacting the economy in general and commercial real estate specifically.

In his free time, Derek maintains a chestnut tree farm, keeps bees, grows pumpkins and has started Alabama’s only truffle orchard. Derek and his wife, Rushton have six children.

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